Daryl's ColdFusion Primer

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1. Overview and Scope

This document is designed to give someone who knows at least one programming language a reasonable idea of what ColdFusion is about and how to go about creating robust Web applications using the language. People without prior experience in other languages may also find it useful as more of a reference text, but this will probably not be the only resource needed to start developing applications.

Although I have put a great deal of time and effort into making this document as accurate as possible, mistakes can and do happen. If you choose to use any of the advice in this document, you agree to do so at your own exclusive risk, and to hold the author(s) of this document harmless for any damages or losses incurred by use of the contents. If you don't agree to this, don't read any further.

I tend to repeat myself when expressing points that I consider very important. In this document, please excuse any redundancy you may find in this document. [sic]


I draw attention to points I consider to be especially important (or, in some cases, interesting but possibly irrelevant) by placing them in asterisked boxes like this one.

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